Agriculture  provides the student with opportunities to develop an understanding of California's largest industry. California is the foremost agricultural state in the United States and offers many employment opportunities. At Sonora High School, student learning is developed through classroom and outdoor activities where the student experiences Agriculture with a "hands-on" approach.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Academic Learning

Students enjoy the variety of courses in the Agriculture Department because they are interactive and relevant. Besides learning content, students are encouraged to understand “real world” issues that face their future as they think critically on solutions to solve them. Classes are presented in a variety of methods to keep students interested as well as to incorporate inquiry-based laboratory experiences and technology. Students’ classroom experience makes up 60% of their final grade.


All students enrolled in an Agriculture course become members of the FFA– a national organization with over 1/2 million members. The organization’s goal is to promote premier leadership skills, personal growth for students, and career success. Through a “learn by doing” approach, students will develop public speaking skills, teamwork attitudes, become goal-oriented, and empowered to be a contributing citizen in our community. The FFA has events for all students to get involved in, including career skills competitions, conferences, community service, meetings, and socials. Participation makes up 20% of the student’s overall grade but will also be a memorable part of their high school career.

Hands-On Learning

Students will use their knowledge obtained in their classes in real-world projects that are hands-on, money making and fun. Students select a project that meets their interests, with an advisor coaching them along the way. Projects also gain time management, record keeping, and communication skills as well as a concept of responsibility and dedication. Students will exhibit their project at the Citrus Fair or the Orange County Fair and it will account for 20% of the student’s final grade.